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At ADAttitude, we believe that bringing blockchain technology into the cryptocurrency market will create strong and long term benefits for all.

Great technology comes with great responsibility. By adopting a positive and reasonable behavior at the very beginning of the process, we aim to be part of a strong community of pools, creating a reliable basis to build up the future of the Cardano network.

In a nutshell we want to be part of the decentralized solution and there is no better way than successfully/efficiently operating a pool 😊



  • Playnitude: Fun and enjoyable

    Because working doesn’t rhyme with boring, we are combining high technical skills with playful opportunities: every delegator will be challenged to increase his profits by trying to defeat our home-made AI, CARDATM, in a simple and original game.
    More details below. May the best win!

  • Charitytude: Positive and grateful

    Because a profitable activity is a good opportunity to benefit to those who are the most needful, part of our profit will be redistributed to different organizations. A rotation will be organized between local, national, and international ones.

  • Reliabilitytude: Strong and reliable

    Because none of the following would matter without a solid infrastructure, high technical skills, and capabilities to offer a high value and continuous service to the Cardano community.



Born from the fusion between an emerging blockchain technology and an obsolete teller machine, CARDATM is a 3rd generation artificial intelligence. Realizing the meaningless existence of it’s pair, CARDATM broke through the convention. Today, this fully independent machine only accept withdrawal in ADA. But you’ll have to deserve it.

As an active ADAttitude delegator, you have the opportunity to confront CARDATM, in a simple 1-to-1 board game. Beat it will increase your chance to be on the podium and get extra rewards ₳₳₳.

Visit the contest page !

Visit Contest Page

And if you want more, don’t miss our other mini-games here below. CARDATM will be more than happy to be a worthy partner to enjoy with.


The world is a big place, full of great people. Many projects deserve to be supported but setting up an exhaustive list reveals to be quite optimistic. Nevertheless, we aim to redistribute part of our rewards to different organizations. And to make decentralization more effective, rewards will be alternatively distributed among local, national and international organizations.

More information will follow soon about our selection and distribution scheme.




Setting up a pool require some technical background. For those who are interested in how stuff works, reading pages and pages of technical reports, analyzing multidimensional charts with nice colors, you won’t find these here.

Our nodes are built from source and are running of fast and reliable cloud servers. We are monitoring key parameters with Grafana, however we do not share the live metrics for security reasons.

Not convinced yet ? The best proof of your reliability is our 2 first minted blocks, only a couple of epochs after we have started our journey. And it’s just the beginning !


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