ADAttitude Exclusive Contest

Win extra rewards by staking our pool and playing our game

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Top Leaderboard

This top 3 is provisory and may evolve until the end of the contest.

18 ₳


Bonus: 11 / #Victories: 11

Score: 52

10 ₳


Bonus: 11 / #Victories: 11

Score: 52

6 ₳


Bonus: 11 / #Victories: 11

Score: 52


Why this contest

Starting a new pool from scratch is challenging as such a pool is not very attractive when there is nobody to delegate to it. That is why we propose a challenge to all our early delegators to get traction. 10% of our next minted block (34 ADA) will be granted to the winners of this challenge.

  • 18 ADA for the winner
  • 10 ADA for the second place
  • 6 ADA for the third place

Although anybody can play to this challenge, you must be one of our delegators to pretend to the price. The winners will be the 3 delegators with the highest scores once the next block is minted.

The score follows a formula that favors two things:

  • how much you delegate to our pool;
  • how much victories you manage to collect by playing our game.

The Scoring

The winners will be the 3 delegators with the highest score.

Winning by delegating

The score increases with the amount of delegated ADA. The only condition is to have played at least 1 game.

Winning by playing

The score increases with your number of victories, even if you delegates a very small amount of ADA.

Favoring loyal delegators

The longer you stake, the higher your score.

Of course, doing all three will grant you a far better score.

Technically, you get a bonus proportional to the time-averaged amount of ADA you stake on our pool.
This bonus follows a nice logarithmic curve, as shown on the side.

The settings of this curve are as such when you multiply your stake by 10, your bonus is multiplied by 2.

Finally, your score is given by this simple formula: score = bonus x (1 + #victories)

Contest statistics

Contest started at October 1st 2021 and is open until our next block in minted. Revised rules will be published after each block.
Those figures are updated every 10 minutes.

Number of competitors
Number of played games
Number of victories
Winning ratio

Game Rules

The game consists in trying to defeat an AI playing to a board game that follows the same rule as "Hey, That's My Fish!".
This AI has been created during Covid time by one of the pool founder and uses the general game playing algorithm AlphaZero.
It's not perfect as the neural network could be trained more, but it also means you can definitely win with some perseverance...

1) Each player plays with a team of 4 penguins. There positions are put randomly on a board made up of hexagonal tiles.

2) Each player's turn consists in selecting one of its penguin, moving it along the board and collect as many points as fishes on the landing tile.

3) The tile a penguin started its move from is removed from the game.

4) The game ends when both teams have no remaining penguin to move left. The player with the most collected points wins.

5) A penguin may move in any one of the six directions of the hexagon, but it cannot change direction during the move.

6) A penguin can only move onto unoccupied tiles: it cannot move onto and through any other penguin, or spaces without tile.